Case Studies



An Avery Barron Industries (ABI) client was tasked with bidding on a job that required all parts be made and produced in the USA.  The problem for the client was that the tooling resided at that time in China.
To meet the requirement of the job, the customer had to move the tooling to the United States and be producing parts in a very short timeframe.  They turned to ABI for help.
After verifying that ABI had the capability and visiting the stamping facility, the customer immediately approved the transfer of the dies to ABI.  After 4 weeks on the water, the dies arrived in Tulsa.  Two weeks later, the ABI tool and die department had completed retro-fitting the dies to the presses, had strengthened several details on the dies themselves, and conducted a test run through the presses.  Within the next two weeks, ABI had completed the first production run and shipped the first parts to the customer.
All in all, 8 weeks had passed between the time the decision was made to ship the dies and the first parts shipped from Tulsa, USA.   Those parts continue to be made by ABI today, and ABI is proud to be a partner in the effort to move parts – and the manufacturing jobs that go with them – back to the United States.ll continually move forward in our pursuit to enhance the quality of our products and services.